Permission Slips

by Jude Walsh Whelley


Every Sunday I meet with my tribe of four women writers for a morning of what Eric Maisel calls Deep Writing. It is a lovely, centering time where we sit side-by-side and write. During occasional breaks we share information on craft, submission, and building platform. The shared writing energy keeps us focused and productive. On my drive home, as I process what I wrote and what we shared, I am frequently inspired. At those moments, I use the voice memo function on my phone to record my thoughts. I may listen to that voice memo and tranfer it to written form immediately or, if life grabs me when I get home, the memo may sit for a while.

In a recent burst of decluttering energy, I decided to review those waiting memos. I found this gem and want to share. I was looking for ways to honor my muse and prioritize time for writing. These are the permission slips I wrote for myself. Perhaps you might like to take a few moments and write some permission slips of your own?

I give myself permission to do what I love

I give myself permission and encouragement to pursue my writing dreams

I give myself permission to devote time to my writing first

I give myself permission to buy the things I need to help me accomplish my goals

I give myself permission to say no to favors or meeting someone else’s needs that distract me from my purpose

I give myself permission to do this without guilt

I give myself permission to write my truth without concern for how it makes anyone else feel because it is my truth, my writing, my story, and no one is going to keep me from speaking my truth.

I give myself permission to put myself first

Jude Walsh Whelley writes fiction, memoir, and poetry. She lives in Dayton, Ohio. This post was previously published on her blog, Writing Now.

13 responses to “Permission Slips

  1. Thanks for sharing this, Jude–love that first permission!

  2. Reblogged this on B. Lynn Goodwin and commented:
    What would you add?

  3. Fabulous. I hereby give myself permission to make accomplishment lists as well as to-do lists. I give myself permission to celebrate the little victories. I give myself permission to enjoy the journey.

    • Love it and thanks for reblogging! Enjoying the journey is exactly what I am talking about. No one MAKES us write, we choose this life so why not choose to enjoy it? Celebrating our achievements, all of them not just the biggies, suffuses our bodies with joy and that is sooooo good for us in every way.

  4. Sallie Moffitt

    Great idea, Jude. I like the one about saying no to distractions. That’s one I will use in my daily life!

    • Good for you Sallie! It is hard not to say yes to those around us, but saying yes to myself first has freed so much time to do those other things. There is something magical about honoring the writing first, time seems to expand after that. It is a paradox that I experience every time I do it. With regard to distractions? I have a little ritual. I sit before the laptop, take a deep centering breath, and say aloud, “This is my time to write. I honor it and am grateful.” and I begin. Blessings to you!

  5. Great post, Jude! I give myself permission to relax into understand that whatever I have, it is abundance for me. 🙂

  6. Ah yes Susan, abundance! The more aware I am of it, the more I notice what I have, the more I seem to receive. And I am grateful. I am especially grateful for the abundance of fellow writers in my life due to my involvement with Story Circle Network!

  7. Wonderful list, Jude. These would make great post it notes for my wall.

  8. Thank you for sharing this post, Jude. It inspires me and I wonder if I can have your permission to share it with my Story Circle Group? Thank you, Jan

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