Sunday in the park

I didn’t need to look at the calendar to know that fall will be here soon. After enduring a hotter-than-usual and longer-than-usual summer, Houstonians are more than ready for a change. We got just a hint of that change last Sunday morning.

I’m an early riser, even on weekends. As soon as I slosh down the first cup of espresso, I head for the door and my morning paper. For the last four months I’ve experienced a face full of hot air before I’m even off the porch. Sunday caught me by surprise. The still-dark morning greeted me with a cool breeze. Stars twinkled. I didn’t head for the driveway and paper as usual. I stood still and let the wonder of coolness soak in. Oh! Joy!

The treat went on all day. Sure it warmed up, but it never got hot. About midafternoon, I couldn’t bear to stay inside. I’m lucky. We live close by Menil Park, a block of green beauty near the center of the city. A newspaper article once described it as the “backyard” for the Montrose neighborhood. I grabbed my current book and headed out for this Mecca.

Good idea? You betcha, and you can bet too I wasn’t the only one who had it. Seemed like half the neighborhood had flocked to our joint backyard. Kids played. Bikes circled. Frisbees flew. Busy, busy. Still I found a quiet spot and read away. A great way to spend Sunday in the park. And I promise you, I wasn’t the only one there with a book. (By the by, I didn’t see a single e-reader among my dozen or so reading companions.)

If you should be looking for me on Sunday afternoon during the next couple of months, Menil Park will be a good bet.

Frisbees fly.

Readers read, read, read.

Bikers circle and convene.

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