Reviews Are In

Summer is winding down and reviews appear to be picking up. We hope you will consider reviewing for Story Circle Book Reviews (SCBR), if you haven’t already. You can get started by submitting a review here.    

SCBR welcomes strong reviews of stories by, for and about women. We regularly receive wonderful books about a vast array of topics relevant to women: memoir, creative life, relationships, history, spirituality, romance, thrillers, anthologies, and young adult, just to name a sampling…

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Reviews this time out include:

BURYIN’ DADDY by Theresa Nicholas is an elegantly crafted memoir about the effect of early loss of the author’s father. (Reviewed by Trilla Pando)

WRITE A MARKETABLE CHILDREN’S BOOK IN 7 WEEKS by Shirley Raye Redmond and  Jennifer McKerley is an easy to follow writing course in book format. (Reviewed byJudy Miller)

Sharon Lippincott says “exquisitely intimate thoughts and reflections combine with a skillful rendering of social conditions of the seventies to evoke a hauntingly complete sense of that age in both calendar and human development sense.” in author JoAnn Beard’s IN ZANESVILLE.

A CRACK IN EVERYTHING by Angela Gerst is a classic containing politics, love, hate, and greed; nothing is as it seems. Reviewed by Judy Alter.

MARCUS OF UMBRIA by Justine van der Leun is a love story about bond between a woman and her dog. (Reviewed by Laura Strathman Hulka) 

Encouraging quotations, probing questions and journaling prompts lie within the pages of SOULISTRY by June Mack Maffin. (Reviewer Sharon Lippincott)

WHAT WE HAVE by Amy Boesky Dynamics chronicles generations of family dealing with the tragedy of living and dying with a legacy of cancer. (Reviewed by Janet Caplan)

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