Longer Days = More Time for Reading

Well, we’ve celebrated the summer solstice and still have many long days full of bright natural sunlight in which to appreciate and read by. Here are some titles you might enjoy during those extended wonderful hours.

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Ann Packer shares rich, touching, intelligent, and tender stories of life in Palo Altoin SWIM BACK TO ME. Reviewer by B. Lynn Goodwin says, “Packer peels back the layers of pretense which helped me see both the town and the people in a deeper, more revealing way.”  

AMONG THE DEPARTED, by Vicky Delany, is the fifth installment in the Constable Molly Smith mystery series and full of many sub-plots and twists that keep the story moving at a “good pace.” Reviewed by Janet Caplan.

PLEASE LOOK AFTER MOM, by Kyung-Sook Shin, is a heart-wrenching and painfully honest account of a Korean family torn asunder when mother disappears. Reviewed by Susan Ideus.

Reviewer Susan J, Tweit found WHAT I LEARNED AT BUG CAMP, by Sarah Rabkin, herself drawn into the essays of being human, at home in and engaged with our world.

THIS LAST HOUSE, by Janis P Stout, explores how a house can be an “expression of ourselves and what is important to us.”  Reviewed by Susan Wittig Albert. 

READING WOMEN, by Stephanie Staal, is a handbook of feminism: where we’ve been and where we are going. Reviewed by  Laura Strathman Hulka.

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