Kudos to Our Team

by Susan Ideus

I present to you a group of approximately 52 women who volunteer their time to read books and write reviews of them–books that are sent to them by StoryCircleBookReviews or books that they have found on their own which they feel merit a review that will bring it to the attention of SCBR readers. They faithfully check the SCBR database to find out what books appeal to them and/or one that will challenge them or teach them something new.

Once they have a book to review, they read it carefully, make notes, mark passages and make a decision about whether the book is one worthy to be reviewed for SCBR. (We don’t review all books sent to us–only the best, in terms of quality and content.) Some of the guidelines (from our website) they must consider are:  1) Our reviews are designed to guide readers to books they will find valuable and enjoyable.  2) All books must meet professional standards of content and editorial preparation.  3) Reviews should be about your own personal experience of reading the book. In what important ways did you connect with it? What did the book teach you or help you to see about your own life? How might it help other women? Reviews should go deeper and help readers understand the “why” of the book, not just the “what.”

That’s a lot to keep in  mind when reading, not a casual process, but it is gratifying and enjoyable to these women who take on this task. They spend time and effort and share their hard work with everyone who visits the SCBR site. It’s a talented and dedicated group, and I wanted to share with you some of what they do once they sign on with SCBR. We appreciate them so much–and we want you all to know that.

One of our most active Star Reviewers is Lee Ambrose. She recently passed a huge milestone with us. She became a “NovaStar”, which means she has completed at least 75 reviews and interviews for SCBR. She is in elite company here as only two other reviews have attained or passed this mark. Just imagine the above described process carried out times 75 and you have an idea of a reviewer’s depth of commitment. Amazing!

Here are Lee’s own words: I am passionate about words! I enjoy reviewing books for the SCN Book Review Site almost as much as I enjoy reading the reviews posted by my sister reviewers. Reading and writing are such an important part of my life that I cannot imagine a day without actively reading or writing—or both! When I am not immersed in “word-working” I am enjoying nature or working as a travel RN. I have been an active member of the Story Circle Network’s Internet Chapter since 2000. Currently, I write for the poetry e-circle and one writing e-circle, facilitate two writing circles, and serve as the President of the Internet Chapter (2004-present).

At this moment, we celebrate Lee’s accomplishment and offer her congratulations. She is just one example of why Story Circle Book Reviews is gaining increased readership daily as well as recognition and respect from publishers and authors.

Share your good wishes for Lee in our comment section and express your appreciation for our entire team. They certainly are deserving.

Until next time, good reading to all.

One response to “Kudos to Our Team

  1. Great going, Lee. I’m looking forward to many more of your outstanding reviews.

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