The ABC’s of Writing: B is for Boss

Matilda Butler, ABC’s of Writing, #19

“You’re not the boss of me.”

Have you ever had a child say that to you? Probably. Or maybe you’re the one who said it. If you have been following our blog this week, you know that I traveled East to help Kendra celebrate her upcoming 60th birthday. We had seven days in the Berkshires and Hudson Valley filled with sights, sounds, and ideas. We worked and played and blogged, sharing our days together. If you missed these posts, you can go to Journaling Our Way to Kendra’s Birthday: Day 1 At the bottom, you’ll find links to all seven posts.

But I’m getting distracted. I wanted to mention that when I told Kendra of the two posts we have from Pamela Jane Bell about how to be a good boss of yourself, she told a story from her childhood.

Kendra (surprise, surprise) was quite an independent little child. Her parents found it easier to not go out often, but when they did they needed a babysitter. Most lasted only one evening. Kendra clearly remembers one specific sitter who was telling her what to do. My guess, it was to not talk so much (she is a Gemini, after all) or to eat the canned green beans (she doesn’t like those right up to the present time). In any event, Kendra shouted:

“You’re not the boss of me.”

When her parents returned, the sitter said, “Don’t call me again.” Another sitter bites the dust.

The lesson life teaches us is that we’re the boss of ourselves and sometimes, as Pamela Jane Bell writes on her Facebook profile,“I’m self employed with strict boss and I’m only half-kidding.

You are the boss of yourself. Use your time writing knowing you have a boss — you. Then be the kind of boss who balances demanding standards with encouragement and rewards. If you are interested in suggestions for being a good boss to yourself, here are Pamela’s two articles:

5 Surprising Tips on Being a Good Boss to Yourself

5 More Surprising Tips on Being a Good Boss to Yourself

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