What Are YOU Looking for In a Book?

Books are more than the sum of their words. They have the ability to entertain, take you places you’ve never been before, and beg you to examine a perspective you might not have considered. Books teach, comfort and challenge. You can fall “in love” with a book because of the writer’s voice, the characters or the plot.

Are you looking for that next book that will do one or more of the aforementioned? Keep reading, because the review team has reviewed a number of books that might “fill the bill.”  In-depth reviews of each title can be read by clicking on the link. Books can be purchased through SCN by clicking on the book’s image accompanying the review. Purchasing through SCN helps support our many programs and women’s life-writing work.

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War leaves indelible impression on those involved and impacts the next generation in GATED GRIEF, by Leila Levinson. (Reviewed by Judith Helburn)

Reviewer Trilla Pando says that ON THE OUTSKIRTS OF NORMAL, by Debra Monroe, is a compelling story, compellingly told. A memoir about transracial single-parent adoption.

Author Harriet Reisen “takes a deeper and more introspective look at the Alcott family and its influence on Louisa’s writings” in LOUISA MAY ALCOTT: THE WOMAN BEHIND LITTLE WOMEN. Reviewer Laura Strathman Hulka says this biography is remarkable and honest.

THE TIN TICKET, by Deborah Swiss Swiss, painstakingly pieces together the heroic stories of Agnes McMillan and Janet Houston through meticulous documented research and written records to tell how Australia became populated by convicts. (Reviewer Judy Miller)

KOSHER NATION, by Sue Fishkoff, is a comprehensive, detailed look at the complete spectrum of kashrut—the restrictions involved in certifying that food is kosher. (Reviewed by Judith Helburn). 

NO EXCUSES, by Gloria Feldt, examines the repetitive pattern of women who come to power, only to relinquish it. Wonderful tools are offered in detail to break the cycle. (Reviewer Judy Miller)

ALL ALONE,by Patricia Daly-Lipe, chronicles a daughter efforts to connect to her family through searching the past. Reviewer Martha Meacham says this little memoir is full of lessons about a life well lived and the twists and turns that we find on our life’s journey.

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