ABC’s of Writing: V is for Video

ABC’s of Writing, Matilda Butler, Post #10

Happy New Year. Welcome to 2011. I have a gift for you from Women’s Memoirs. I have a New Year’s Eve idea for you. I have 11 for 2011 to share with you.

A New Year’s Eve Idea

Although goals can be set at any time during the year, my husband and I always sit together on New Year’s Eve and create a list of personal and professional goals we want to accomplish in the coming 12 months. This habit is the gift from Sara McCune, founder of Sage Publications. I have known Sara for many years and one time she told me that she and George [they named their company using the first two letters of her name and the first two characters of his name] never went out on New Year’s Eve. Instead, they spent the time planning their year. I was an instant convert.

11 for 2011

Last year, Kendra and I thought about the upcoming new year and began to create our goals. The first was to have one special blog on New Year’s Day, which would be filled with our predictions for memoirs in 2010. This December, Kendra and I again thought about the coming year. First of all, we realized that our goals had been stated in too generic a way last year. So this time, we have specific numbers so that we’ll know if we have reached our goals. We also discussed doing another post with predictions. Since the year would be 2011, we got the idea that we’d write 11 predictions. Then I said: “Oh. This could be fun. Let’s have 11 blog posts, each with 11 tips or points.” Kendra, ever ready to take on a challenge said, “Sure. You think up some of the topics and I’ll think up the rest.” When we thought about the topics we wanted to cover, we realized it would be great to invite Amber Starfire to write about journaling in 2011 and Bettyann Schmidt to write about the intersection of memoir and scrapbooking. Susan Ideus graciously agreed to create a list of 11 great memoirs to read in 2011. And finally, because Pamela Jane Bell is going to begin blogging about writing and healing on our website, we asked her to create a list of 11 for 2011.

We invite you to read our posts. The first appeared on January 1 on our website and a new one will be posted daily until January 11. Then, just because we were so in the spirit of this, Kendra is going to post a bonus on January 12. It is meant to be lots of fun so be sure to visit our website all the way through January 12.

Here are links to the first three:

11 Memoir Predictions for 2011 from Women’s Memoirs

11 Tips to Stay Motivated with Your Journaling in 2011

11 Memoir Writing Tips to Remember in 2011

This last link is for today’s post where we have done a roundup of some of our best videos — ones that help point you in the right direction for your memoir writing in 2011.

Our Memoir Gift to You

Kendra and I would like to offer you our three ebooks — valued at $20.19 — for free. We hope these books will help get you writing and journaling in 2011 and if you already are well launched in your writing, then we hope these may inspire you to continue and do more.

Here’s the link so that you can download these books at no cost:

Three free ebooks. Happy New Year.

Kendra and I wish you success without limits in meeting your writing goals in 2011.

One response to “ABC’s of Writing: V is for Video

  1. I spent new year’s eve this year thinking about my resolutions and came up with four that so far I haven’t broken. Yea! Meanwhile, I love the encouragement your blog gives us writers.

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