ABC’s of Writing: A is for Audio

ABC’s of Writing, Matilda Butler, Post #9

Preserving Your Memoir Vignettes on CD: Suggestions from Susan J. Tweit

Susan Tweit mentioned recently that she had just gotten involved in her first self-publishing venture — an audio CD with 28 vignettes called WildLives: Celebrating the World Around Us. She then elaborated by telling me that this was initially conceived as a gift for her mother who was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s in the fall. Once Susan was “deep” into the project, she decided to turn it into a commercial publication.

Susan and I thought that other women might want to preserve their memoir vignettes on CD to share with family and friends. What are the steps? How much time is involved? Susan agreed to share her experiences. In an interview, Susan and I had so much fun with the topic that I decided to split our discussion across three blog posts. The first two segments were:

Susan J. Tweit Discusses Her New Audio CD

Susan J. Tweit Provides a Tip for Collecting Memories from Someone in the Early Stages of Alzheimer’s

Today’s I’ve posted the third segment that focuses on an overview of the elements in creating the CD and the length of time that each requires. I think you’ll get some wonderful ideas that may inspire you to create a gift for your family.

Here’s a link to the third segment:

Susan’s How-To Suggestions for Creating a CD of Memoir Vignettes

We’ve also posted information about ordering Susan’s CD — a perfect gift for the holiday season.

Worried this is too hard for you? Here’s Susan’s studio — just a mic, a little sound protection, and a clipboard to hold her script. In the near future, we’ll provide more details on the specific equipment and software you can use to create your CD.

3 responses to “ABC’s of Writing: A is for Audio

  1. This is such a great idea Susan. Can your work be loaded onto Kindle?

  2. Hi, Pat. My memoir, Walking Nature Home, is available in a Kindle version, but this MP3 CD is not. It’s my understanding that Kindles don’t do audio (yet)–they’re just for the electronic print version of work. But you could load the WildLives CD onto a laptop or other computer via the CD drive and play it that way, and you can also import it onto an MP3 player like an iPod, or any other electronic device that plays MP3 files, including smartphones like iPhones or Androids, or iPads. The world of electronic reproduction is a mite complicated still, but I think it’ll be simplified over time!

  3. Loved this, Susan. I am excited about the different ways that we have to preserve our stories for the future. Thank you for sharing the way that you created your CD (which sounds wonderful, by the way).

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