Sharing the Treasure

Once you’ve found a book to read (Hunting for Treasure) and you’ve read it (Mining for Treasure), what’s the next step?

If you’ve read for research, you organize your notes so that you can use them for whatever project you’re working on. If it’s background research for a book, you no doubt have files set up into which these latest nuggets of knowledge can be assimilated. This is a process. All those hours of reading have given you knowledge and ideas you didn’t have before. Isn’t that a wonderful thing?

If you’ve read for the purpose of writing a review, I hope you really enjoyed that process–both the reading and the writing parts. I often find that when I review a book, it helps me to clarify in my mind why I liked the book and if the the writing itself impressed me. If I can identify elements of style I like, I can take that away with me as an example/lesson learned. I keep notes on dialogue, character development, elements and descriptions of place, and so on. Not exactly the same as research notes, but more like files of ideas that could work for me in my own writing. You know, don’t you, that successful writers are almost always prolific readers?

If you’ve read a book just for pleasure or relaxation, and you really did like it, perhaps you could think about reviewing it on your blog, or on Amazon or GoodReads. You never know when a good word from you could entice a reader to trying a new author. It works for me!

So, now you’re finished with your book. Does it go straight to your book shelves? If you’re like me, you don’t have unlimited space. (If you do, I’m very envious!) Are you going to keep it in your collection to re-read, give it away, share it with a friend, trade it for credit at a used bookstore, or donate it to a good cause? Do any of you belong to book exchanges/swaps, online or in your area?  I’d be very interested in  hearing about the fate of books you’ve read. Please let me know in a comment.

A good book should not be wasted!

4 responses to “Sharing the Treasure

  1. Interesting questions, Susan. I have been buying e-books whenever possible these days, because of space issues. But if it’s a print book, here’s how I handle it: If I really love it, I keep it. Nine times out of ten, then means it goes into my storage unit (yep, I have boxes of books — my one spending weakness — in a storage unit). If I think it’s good on down to I didn’t like it, I list t for resale on Amazon or, if I can’t get my postage’s worth on Amazon, I list it on

    While we’re on the topic of the different reasons we read — I’d love to see a post about effective filing systems for research notes.

    • Thanks, Amber. I’m looking for ideas about book swaps. Does this work well for you? I parted with more books on my last move than ever before, but I still have many–not enough for a storage space, but… E-books do help with the space issue, but there’s still something about a real book.

      On the filing issue, I’m not nearly so organized as I’d like, so I’d love to see a post on that as well.

  2. I have yet to write a review of a book, though I have enjoyed many and told many of my favorites. I guess I feel a bit intimidated writing about someone else’s book. I don’t have a problem verbalizing, so I am going to try putting it into writing.
    Thanks for this post, Susan.


    • Carol, if you can verbalize about a book–what you liked, how it made you feel, whether the writing itself was good, why you would recommend it or not–that’s review material. You don’t have to retell the story, and shouldn’t. No one likes spoilers, but put in just enough elements to entice. I think many people read reviews for that kind of info, like getting advice from a friend on what to read. I hope you’ll try it!

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