Dandelions, Words, and Getting Off to a Strong Start

Opening Salvos #15 by Matilda Butler

Dandelion-single Living in the country makes me appreciate all plants that manage to survive the voracious appetites of deer, the tusks of marauding wild boar, the poison of swarming bees, and even the beaks of birds (seen yesterday biting the leaves off my winter crop of snow peas). I’ve even gotten fond of dandelions, and not just for their tender edible parts. 

Dandelions are strong and if they were people, I’d call them determined. They multiply rapidly. They seem to survive almost all efforts to eliminate them. Words, on the other hand, multiply slowly and are quite susceptible to the delete key, the eraser, and even the pencil line drawn through them. Are there some types of words that are better off removed in order to let our writing shine? Are there some words that weaken rather than strengthen our openings?

An Audio with an Answer

That’s the question Kendra and I discuss in a very short audio we posted on our website earlier today. We’ve been reading books about writing, featuring those by well-known authors who have not only written bestselling books, but also written about writing. Our reading is research for the final chapter in our book Writing Alchemy. We’re pulling together some interesting concepts but leaving behind an incredible wealth of valuable ideas for readers.

Kendra got the idea that we could share some of these gems in a new series we’re calling Writing in Five: Quick Tips. These will all be five minute audios with just a single take-away for the listener. We want you to get ideas that you can quickly put into practice.

Our New SCN Online Class with More Answers

And speaking of “quickly,” we’re also discussing our new Story Circle Network online course, Writing Alchemy: Quick-Start Method. Writing Alchemy, the focus on our pre-conference workshop at Stories from the Heart V, was geared to an in-depth look at each of the five components of writing. In our new online course, we’re giving you a fast way to start using Writing Alchemy, to layout the content of the elements, and then to write a 1000 word vignette. 

Dandelion_seed_head Now you’re probably wondering why I started with dandelions. In the audio, Kendra shares a quote with you that uses dandelions as the metaphor. Click here and listen to our audio. We think it will give you a quick tip for writing success. Of course, we hope you’ll also consider taking our SCN online class. 

By the way, we’re even offering a special discount on our [Essential] Women’s Memoir Writing Workshop to all who take our SCN online course. We’ve never offered it at such a low price before and it is only available at this price to those who take our Writing Alchemy: Quick-Start online course. 

2 responses to “Dandelions, Words, and Getting Off to a Strong Start

  1. Renee Cassese

    I’m so excited abouit your forthcoming book. After taking the Writing Alchemy Workshop and doing some priliminary mentor work with Matilda I look forward to the magic of the process you two have mapped out. Anything to make the writing better, get this book off the ground and out to a publisher. Just call me one of the dandelions!

  2. Yes, dandy-lions. Weeds or flowers? These are the issues we face in our memoir writing. Element of earth, maybe?
    Kudos to you both for your ability to leverage your writing alchemy topic.
    Janet Riehl

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