Let Mother Nature Be Your Guide


Have you ever gazed upon the clouds and identified other image within the cloud formation?   How about peering into the dew-laden blades of grass and seeing diamonds or crystals?    Some of Mother Nature's most common occurrences can easily be used to set your muse in motion.  Clouds2     

Clouds Clouds…. who or what do you see in each of the puffy white wonders?  What memories of childhood cloud-gazing are brought to life when you repeat the activity as an adult?

Raindrops….  Have you ever taken a walk through a forest or garden after the rain?  What struck you the most about the ways in which the raindrops mingled with the plant life?  Try spending some time peering into the raindrops that have perched on the grass, leaves and flowers… and then allow your mind to take you on a trip down memory lane to rains and nature walks of days long gone.    Spiderweb    

Rainbows… Whether it is the memory of a family viewing of the movie "The Wizard of Oz" and the well known song "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" or it is a memory of the appearance of a rainbow at a significant time in your personal life, almost everyone has a rainbow story  Rainbow


Lightening, ice, fog ……  all of these evoke such powerful memories for me when I take the time to stop and appreciate the wonder of Mother Nature's beauty and mystery.  How about you?  Are there stories within that are just waiting for the perfect nudge from Mother Nature?  Spend some time over the next two eeks or so communing with Mother Nature's phenomenon and turn those moments into opportunities to write your own stories.      Forest  Lightening                                                                 


2 responses to “Let Mother Nature Be Your Guide

  1. Lovely images and ideas for prompts. There is a never-ending source of support and inspiration in nature in its creation and destruction.
    Janet Riehl

  2. Let Mommy Nat be my guide? Well- Just spent a week out in the elements and have 3 more to go. I especially learned one thing: take your camera with you everywhere! I missed getting a picture of a Dust devil that was unlike any we had ever seen before – great writing prompt!

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