Kim’s Three Rules

Matilda Butler – Opening Salvos #4

Who is Kim and what are her three rules?  

Kim Pearson is this month’s source of ideas on getting started on your memoir. Kim is  an author, editor and ghostwriter, in other words, a woman with a lot of experience in effective wordsmithing.

In our interview, Kim shares her three writing rules. She uses them not only in her opening paragraphs but throughout her writing. Briefly, they are: 1. Drop your reader into a scene. 2. Foreshadow your theme. 3. Remember your audience.  To show us what she means, Kim reads an opening to one of the vignettes in her book Making History: How to Remember, Record, Interpret and Share the Events of Your Life as well as tells us about an opening to a book she is currently ghostwriting.    

The complete interview is available on my website, click here.

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