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The Review Team Has Outdone Themselves!

Oh my, do we have a lot to share! Scroll on down!

I know you’re going to find one or many books you wish to read. Further insight can be gleaned from the fabulous reviews by clicking on the highlighted titles. Have fun!

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TRIO, by Eve LaSalle Caram, explores the lives of three members of a Texas/Louisiana family. (Reviewed by Judith Helburn) 

THE WRITING WARRIOR by Laraine Herring, portrays a way of thinking as much or more than a way of writing. (Reviewed by Sharon Lippincott)

GROWING UP LAUGHING by Marlo Thomas, is a memoir and love story, and a thank-you to family. (Reviewed by Laura S. Hulka) 

HARD GRASS, by Mary Zeiss Stange, is about life in the immense expanses of arid grasslands of the western Great Plains. (Reviewed by Susan J. Tweit)

BREAST CANCER: NO ONE CHOSE THIS JOURNEY, by Fran Padgett, resounds with love, hope and sharing. (Reviewed by Trilla Pando)

WHEN THE SNOW FLIES, by Laurie Alice Eakes is a story about the determined Audrey Sinclair Vanderleyden, a woman physician, who was born before the time women were doctors. (Reviewed by Lee Ambrose)

Understand history and the development of artificial sweeteners in EMPTY PLEASURES, by Carolyn de la Peña. (Reviewed by Susan Wittig Albert)

Amazing recipes, accompanied by color photos, fill THE AMISH COOKS' ANNIVERSARY BOOK, by Lovina Eichel. (Reviewed by Judy Alter)

TALES OF A TITMOUSE, by Pamela Barrett, is an inspiring "depths-of-despair-to-redemption" story. (Reviewed by Jennifer Melville)

J: THE WOMAN WHO WROTE THE BIBLE, by Mary F. Burns, is thought-provoking and mesmerizing. An original. (Reviewed by Jennifer Melville)

FINDING THE DEEP RIVER WITHIN, by Abby Seixas, shares solid, concrete ways to recover balance and meaning. (Reviewed by Laura Strathman Hulka)

THE CREATIVE LIFE, by Julia Cameron, dismantles “the mythology that tells us art is made by loners and made with heroic ease.” (Reviewed by Becky Lane)

AND THEN THERE WERE THREE, by Supriya Bhatnagar, portrays the enduring complexities of India. (Reviewed by Carol Smallwood)

Lisa Shannon’s memoir, A THOUSAND SISTERS, makes the stories of the brutal atrocities against women in the Congo compelling. She invites us all to help, to make a difference. (Reviewed by Lynn Goodwin)

The very moving THE SPIRIT OF A WOMAN, edited by Terry Laszlo-Gopadze, is an anthology of authentic stories of courage, compassion and discovery. (Reviewed by Mary Ann Moore)

Debra Monroe’s ON THE OUTSKIRTS OF NORMAL chronicles how she and her daughter, a white mother and black daughter,”grew and learned together.” (Reviewed by Judy Alter)

Reviewer Sherry Wachter says that I WANT TO BE LEFT BEHIND, by Brenda Peterson, is “a reminder that the earth and its inhabitants are a joy as well as a responsibility.”

AS A FARM WOMAN THINKS, by Nellie Witt Spikes, edited by Geoff Cunfer, is a history, as ordinary rural folk lived it. (Reviewed by Susan Wittig Albert)

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